Turn that Boring Page!

You begin to notice how your life is getting boring and boring, and you think; “what can I do spice things up a bit”?

Everyone has felt the same, no matter how many times you go out to cool places with your friends or family, you still feel that there is something you’re missing, something like a escape away to somewhere.

Let’s plan one thing, just one thing and see how you turn that boring page!

We are Jordy and Nass (you can ship us if you want). Two translators in the making still in college that want to dive into journalistic translation and provide current quality content for all those travel-loving souls out there!

When we were planning on the journalistic field we wanted to focus on, it was not difficult at all; travelling is one thing that goes along with our spirit and we always find out the time to do so.

The thing about traveling is that it not only helps us to forget everything for a couple of weeks every now and then, but it’s all the wonderful expeririences it comprises; the photos we take, the meals we taste, the people we might never meet again but who will pop up in our memory at some point in our next trip when a similar situation occurs, the arguments with your trip crew, the internal arguments when of your lack of sense takes you to wander alone in the immense beautiful places that are always there for us to explore…

Yeah, a lot of cool things have been said and many amazing articles you have read… now plan one thing, just one thing and see how you turn that boring page!

Jordy & Nass


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